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Do we have Spiritual 20/20 Vision?

Dearest Friends, Beth and I had routine eye exams several months ago. Reading an eye chart is simple, but it provides critical information to find any eye problems before they become serious. We all need clear vision to keep us safe, balanced, and aware of what is happening around us. Today, as in no other time, we are bombarded with the visions of many conflicting opinions from “authorities” regarding the coronavirus, the upcoming national elections, the economy, unemployment forecasts, and the dire state of our country and world. Government-mandated changes

Beth’s Salvation Story

  Dearest Friends, On Resurrection Sunday of 2020, our families linked together on a Zoom meeting on our computers. It was fun visiting and seeing our families together on a computer screen though physically living in four different states. It was a special time. We decided to meet again on Sundays for the next few weeks and asked each family to take turns preparing a worship time for the rest of us. This past Sunday one of our children mentioned the birthday of Ron’s mother, Pauline Wells, born on

Words of Hope for Resurrection Sunday 2020

Dearest Friends, While drinking coffee this morning, we watched the dark nighttime sky fade into a gray morning. No golden rays pierced this grayness – only overcast clouds bring in another day. Later, in the media we heard the question asked, “How many have died today from coronavirus?” A concluding forecast of doom predicted greater numbers of death around the world. Do we feel we are living in dark times? The COVID -19 has become the unseen enemy of impending death and loss. We face “Fear and Anxiety” birthed from

Letter from Ron and Beth Wells

Dearest Friends, We want to thank you for this opportunity to send you our heartfelt love and thanks for all the prayers and kindnesses you are giving to each other, our country, and our world during this time of uncertain danger and hardship. For over 20 years, God has given us opportunities to work with individuals, couples, and families to become healthy relationally. Centrepoint Ministries has been a resource to many churches and staff, medical doctors, businesses, and judges, as well as other ministries. Now it is time to come

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