Short and to The Point audio life lessons by Ron Wells.

Lesson from Coach Floyd Wagstaff

Spoken and written words are a source of great encouragement

Lesson from Author Max Lucado

Fathers great effect on their children

Lessons from Cal Ripkin & Tony Gwynn

Character fosters hope. Be an example for others.

Lesson from Boy Author Alec Gravin

Don’t under estimate the power of a father.

Lesson from A.C. Green

Make clear decisions about where you stand.

Lesson from NBA's David Robinson

Lesson from Runner Eric Little

Lesson from NBA's David Robinson #2

Be sure you know that you will become like the men that you choose to follow.

Lesson from Bass Pro Jay Ellis

Embrace your family as the greatest blessing.

Lesson from A&M Coach Metcalf

Look for ways that you can help shape other peoples lives, by investment of time.

Lesson from NFL Coach Mike Singlterry

Communication, Commitment, and Daily Companionship of time.

Lesson from Coach Tom Landry

Lesson from Coach John Wooden

Ultimate approval must come from The Lord.

Lesson from Coach Vince Lombardie