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The Gospel According to Ruth: God uses ordinary people

October 13, 2020 Dear Friends and Family, This morning during a men’s group, we shared how God leads different people into our personal lives to connect us to our faith in Christ. In the New Testament, Matthew 1 starts with a list of ordinary families God used to become part of the lineage of Jesus Christ. God presented his Son, Jesus, to the world through normal, but problematic, human families whose lives were messy and challenging, but whose roots of faith were in God and his promises. We too have

Become SALTY Disciples of Christ

Dear Friends and Family, As in any culture, Christians are called by the world to blend into “political correctness.” In the first century Jewish-Roman culture, Christ was also expected to be religiously and politically correct. However, he challenged the men and women following him as disciples to be like salt and light and leaven in a dark and decaying humanity. Centuries later, we know there is nothing new about sin in our world or the pressures we feel to be like everybody else. Christian persecution, because of our Lord Jesus,

5 Simple Truths for Father’s

June 18, 2020 Dear Friends, This weekend, as we celebrate Father’s Day with families across the United States, I will have the privilege of sharing a gospel message with families in East Asia. Though their Father’s Day celebration falls on a different month and day than our celebration in the United States, I plan to share some reflections I have had from my father and mother’s influence on me. I hope I will have this same effect on my children and their children’s lives as a father and grandfather. I

Lessons Learned from 52 Years of Marriage

June 1, 2020 Dear Friends,  Today, Beth and I celebrate fifty-two years of marriage. I remember a book I read years ago describing some things we learn in kindergarten. Thinking back at the beginning of our marriage, I, too, have learned many things I never would have understood “reading a book about marriage” or “googling marriage” on the Internet. So this morning, I wrote down some things God has taught me - a stubborn, selfish, and a typical “know-it-all” kid from Lindale, Texas - from the very beginning. 1. Spiritual

Do we have Spiritual 20/20 Vision?

Dearest Friends, Beth and I had routine eye exams several months ago. Reading an eye chart is simple, but it provides critical information to find any eye problems before they become serious. We all need clear vision to keep us safe, balanced, and aware of what is happening around us. Today, as in no other time, we are bombarded with the visions of many conflicting opinions from “authorities” regarding the coronavirus, the upcoming national elections, the economy, unemployment forecasts, and the dire state of our country and world. Government-mandated changes

Beth’s Salvation Story

  Dearest Friends, On Resurrection Sunday of 2020, our families linked together on a Zoom meeting on our computers. It was fun visiting and seeing our families together on a computer screen though physically living in four different states. It was a special time. We decided to meet again on Sundays for the next few weeks and asked each family to take turns preparing a worship time for the rest of us. This past Sunday one of our children mentioned the birthday of Ron’s mother, Pauline Wells, born on

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